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Medicare HMO Plans

Medicare HMO plans are a very popular form of Medicare Advantage plans.  They are offered in every state of the union and have helped seniors nationwide to find affordable health insurance.  We put this page together to help people to understand the most common questions and why these types of plans are a great option, but if you came here looking to get quotes for Medicare HMO Plans then use the zip code box above to find plans that are available in your area.

What is an Medicare HMO?

HMO is an abbreviation for a Health Maintenance Organization.  What this means is that a company organizes and arranges for discounted health care for its members.  The organization acts as a liaison or go between the person using health care and health care providers.  Using a system like this you have a network of doctors where you get discounted rates.  In order to access that system you have to have a primary care physician that refers you to specialists that are part of that network.  This is commonly referred to as a gatekeeper, or a way of keeping people from abusing the more expensive specialized care.  A Medicare HMO should be referred to as a Medicare Advantage HMO.  It simply means that you get HMO coverage through the Medicare Advantage program that subsidizes your premiums.

How Much Does a Medicare Advantage HMO Cost?

The answer to this is, it depends.  Just like regular health insurance plan, Medicare HMO plans come in all sorts of sizes and shapes.  The premiums for the Medicare Advantage HMO plans can range from zero dollars to a couple of hundred per month.  It really depends on how much coverage you need or can afford.  Many people do very well with one of the zero premium Medicare HMO plans.

Medicare Advantage HMO Quotes

Getting quotes is as easy as filling out the form on this page and hitting submit.  What you get from there is a list of companies that offer coverage in your area.  We recommend that you get quotes from at least three companies for Medicare Advantage plans.   While a Medicare Advantage HMO may be the best plan for you, you will also want to explore Medicare PPO plans and compare both the doctors in the networks and how much the plans are for the doctors and hospitals that are closest to you.  By getting a set of quotes from at least three companies you can make sure that you get the best price on the best plan for your needs.